The publishing house – a publisher of the evidence-based-medicine magazines “Taking Care of Woman” and “Practicum on Neonatology and Fetal Medicine” invites to the 4th annual EASTERN EUROPEAN PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS: maternal fetal medicine.
Fetal medicine is still a quite young area of obstetrics all around the world, but the pace of its development is amazing. This is the case when we have to run in order to stay on the ground and to be at the level of modern trends. If we aspire (and we do aspire!) to progress – we must run as fast as possible.
That is why we have created a program that was not only relevant but also non-trivial and very practical. Each speaker is the Name in his field. Each sphere is another puzzle that should be solved to move on. In addition to the core program, we have prepared intensive pre-courses on the most important topics of prenatology.
The special application Profi-Lab (for Android) or the Extempore (for App) where the program, information about speakers and reports were placed will make it easier to orientate in the huge universe of our conference.
This spring we will improve diagnostics, optimize prevention, adapt the treatment, in order to preserve life, improve the health and quality of life of pregnant women and fetuses, mothers and newborns.
We accept only the highest level of education – the continuing non-stop education of the doctors. From global moments to details – for us there are no exceptions to the search for flawlessness!


Prof. Kypros Nikolaides
One of the founders of Fetal Medicine as a Science, Director of the Fetal Medicine Research Center at the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, President of the Fetal Medicine Foundation (London / UK)

Conference Planner Chair:

Victor Oshovsky
obstetrician-gynecologist, fetal medicine specialist, PhD, consultant of the Uniklinika Medical Center, board member of the Ukrainian Association of Evidence-Based Medicine, Kyiv / Ukraine


Prof. Kurt Hecher
Professor of Maternal and Fetal Medicine, director of the University Center for Obstetrics and Prenatal Medicine, one of the founders of fetal medicine in the world, Hamburg / Germany. The man who "changed everything" in the management of the complicated monochorionic twins. The professor will share knowledge about the underwater stones of multiple pregnancies, including the triplets, and will tell about all the subtleties of studying and interpreting the parameters of the venous duct.
Prof. Gerard Visser
Professor at the Obstetric Department of Utrecht University Hospital (The Netherlands). The alive legend of modern obstetrics. Magician and the wisard. A profound philosopher and a wonderful practitioner. Author of about 700 scientific works. The chief of the FIGO ObG Guidelines group. A brilliant moderator of the most controversial panels at congresses on fetal medicine. The professor will tell which basic mistakes modern obstetricians assume and how to avoid them; why simple obstetric practices are most effective and how to optimize ante- and intranatal fetal monitoring in the 21st century.
Prof. Zarko Alfirevic
Professor of Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Director of the Obstetrics Department of the University Hospital Liverpool (UK), a leading consultant at Cochrane foundation. A man who creates modern evidence-based medicine. The powerful intellect and subtle irony of the scientist make him one of the most desirable speakers in Europe. The professor will share novelties in the diagnosis and maintenance of preterm birth, knowledge about non-invasive determination of fetal lung maturity, as well as the safest approaches to programmed delivery.
Michael Brusilov
Leading specialist in prenatal ultrasound diagnostics at Ichilov Medical Center (Tel Aviv, Israel), will present an analysis of perinatal and postnatal results in isolated fetal ventriculomegalia.
Prof. Luc De Catte
Professor of Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Head of the Department of Prenatal Diagnostics and Fetal Medicine of the University Hospital in Leuven (Belgium), an outstanding fetal surgeon and prenatologist, is well known to Ukrainian doctors with his brilliant systemic knowledge, unique skills and impeccable reports. The professor will talk on fetal tumors, intrauterine arrhythmias, and the management of fetuses with obstructive urinary tract defects.
Maike Manz
The Chief Specialist on Obstetrics and Prenatal medicine of the University Hospital in Hamburg (Germany), the leading European expert on maternal disease influence towards pregnancy. An adherent and example of a healthy lifestyle among European doctors, a triathlon champion and an outstanding marathon-runner. Dr. Manz tells about the management of oncopathology during pregnancy and lactation, as well as the influence of maternal cardiovascular disease on the development and health of the fetus.
Prof. Dr. Karl Oliver Kagan
University of Tuebingen. One of the brightest representatives of the new school of prenatal medicine, top- speaker and persistent progressor, whose every talk is an Event for professionals.

In program of the Profi Lab:

  • Prenatal diagnosis of congenital malformations throughout the pregnancy
  • Rational counseling for fetal tumors
  • Variety of manifestations of placental dysfunction and their management
  • Medications in the intrauterine therapy
  • Adequate treatment of fetal arrhythmias
  • Modern approaches to preventing premature birth
  • Management of multiple pregnancy
  • Pathology of the venous system of the fetus
  • Intrauterine infections: state of the art


In program of the precourse:

  • Prenatal neurosonography
  •  Indications for Neurosonography
  •  Terms of performing
  •  Basics and details
  •  Genetic links, symptoms, syndromes
  •  Fetal neurosonography changes in mother`s infectious diseases

How to Become a speaker of the meeting of professionals

Dear friends and colleagues, let us express our respect and kindly invite you for

In 2018 offers a unique opportunity to become a member of the team
and Fetal Medicine”.

Reports will be selected and reviewed by scientific and ethical commissions.

We ask you to pay attention to the following principles of creating presentations:

    1. All submitted information must contain references to recognized sources.
    2. The selection of information should be based on the principles of evidence-based
    3. Reports prohibit the use of brand names of drugs or trademarks of equipment.
    4. Information should not contain hidden advertising.
    5. Information should be illustrated, contain practical, clinical or scientific value.
    6. The presentation for the selection should contain an average of 10-12 slides.
    7. In addition to the presentation, a brief resume of the speaker should be submitted.

We kindly ask you to send presentations to Viktor Oshovskyy, programm editor: The deadline for submission is March 1.
Waiting for you, talented and inspired!



RAMADA ENCORE KYIV – is an exciting new hotel experience in Kyiv. The visitors are offered 4 stars comfort. The hotel includes Conference center, 3 restaurants, 2 bars, 2 training halls and a bowling club.

The rooms of RAMADA ENCORE KYIV Conference center, where Profi-Lab will be held, are one of the best in Kyiv having up-to- date equipment as well as inimitable design. The incredible atmosphere of this venue shall definitely boost working capacity and encourage a productive dialogue.

Address: 103, Stolychne Shose, 03131, Kyiv, Ukraine


We do feel that conference should become not only a scientific event, but also an opportunity for socializing and developing professional relationships in a friendly environment.

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Neurosonography incognita
The unique practical course from Michael Brusilov
19 April
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